Saying Goodbye to NG Rocket League

Wed 21st Jun 2017 - 7:11am : Gaming

          Saying goodbye is never easy. Having worked with 2/3rds of this roster since this time last year, we have had the great opportunity of watching a group of talented young men chase their dreams and constantly improve as a group and as individuals. When we signed this roster, 'we dem girlz' consisted of Remkoe, Maestro and gReazymeister and were already considered to be a European powerhouse. Taking on this team was an adventure we were excited to embark upon; venturing into a new game with players with so much to prove going into Season 1 of the RLCS. 

          In a very short time, the players demonstrated their ability to perform and finished Top 3 in the RLCS S1 Finals --- following the departure of gReazy to F3, Remkoe and Maestro made it their mission to find a suitable third to push towards that elusive 1st Place finish that they so narrowly missed in Season 1. After working with a few different players, we brought Miztik on board to round out our Season 2 roster, in which we in dominating fashion found ourselves back to 3rd place, where we would ultimately finish.

          Following another 3rd place finish, the core of Remkoe and Maestro were determined to find a new 3rd to compete and break the 3rd place curse. When the season began, we knew there would be potential complications with Maestro making the RLCS LAN, and the team elected to bring both Deevo and Turbopolsa on board as well as Masterio in hopes of having a solid set-up going into the season.

          Solid ended up being an understatement. With a phenomenal performance from our core three, we got a spot in the RLCS where Turbo would step up with Maestro missing and the team would go on to flip the bracket after a legendary Lower Bracket run, and win the Season 3 of the RLCS.

          Today, we are announcing that the team has been transferred over to another organization where we believe they will have more opportunity, and ultimately can grow more as individuals. While we continue to grow Northern Gaming every day, and are always looking for the right opportunities to bring investors and strategic partners into our family, we are not the same as the powerhouse organizations of North America and Europe who have been around since the earliest days of eSports. Because of this, and after discussing with the players the potential contract negotiations later this year, and knowing their interest in all of their options, we felt it was best to not hold them back from the fantastic opportunities that have presented themselves since they won RLCS S3. 

          This is a mutually agreed upon decision, and while at this time the organization they are representing is not being released, it should be known very soon. Upon that realization, we hope that our fans, and the fans of the players, understand that this was an opportunity we felt that they could not pass up, and we worked tirelessly to find them the right fit as individuals and players over the past few weeks. There is no doubt that we will miss this team, and in a world where we had the appropriate resources we would have loved to give them everything they wanted and more, but we believe that their new home is better suited for helping them grow into the budding superstars we always knew they could be.

          While to say this is hard for us would be an understatement, as an organization we are taking this as an opportunity to step back and regroup; returning even stronger. We have a lot of big things going on, and a lot of amazing things coming up in the near future, but in the interim we will be focusing on growing our brand and bringing fun and unique opportunities to our fanbase as well as scout new players and opportunities across a vast group of titles, including in Rocket League. While we do not expect to be back for Season 4, we will definitely be back for Season 5 in the RLCS with a new roster.

          This is a squad that has had a lot of up moments, and no down moments. These guys have been absolutely fantastic to work with, and from our full time members with Maestro and Remkoe to our 1 Season Superheroes in Turbo, Deevo, Miztik and gReazy, we have enjoyed every moment of having these guys represent our brand and growing along side them. We wish them nothing but the absolute best with their new organization, and believe that they will continue to be a dominant, successful force in the coming seasons.

          As our parting words, we wish to extend thank you's directly to each of our players from Season 3, but also our fans who have supported us in Rocket League since the early days. We expect many of the fans we have gained through the Rocket League community will continue to follow and support their favourite players in their new adventures, but hope you guys stick around with us in our eventual return.

To Remkoe - There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said. You are an insane player, and the reason this roster is where it is today. You were always working your hardest, and giving the game your 110% dedication. Your ethic is the embodiment of what Northern Gaming is, and we were proud to have you represent our brand. You never accepted a third place finish, and pushed until you got the top finish you deserved, and that perseverence defines you. We hope you have an incredible journey with your new organization, and will be cheering you on this upcoming season.

To Maestro - Many people widely consider you the best LAN player of all time, and one of the greatest players in this game. What most people may not know, is that you are one of the nicest most genuine people in this scene as well. Even though you missed winning Season 3, you will have many more opportunities in the future to continue your LAN dominance, and I believe you will bring your new family a solid 1st Place finish in Season 4. Not having you represent us next season is going to be especially hard, but we genuinely believe this is the right decision for you guys. Good luck, we'll miss you!

To Deevo - I don't think there is any question that you are one of if not the best player in the Rocket League community. At such a young age, your dedication to this game and your ability to show such outrageous talent is unbelievable. You have the potential to be the most dominant player that Rocket League will ever see; and in time it won't only be the Oceanic Region calling moves "The Deevo" --- You've been such an easy young man to work with, and we know that your organization is going to be incredibly lucky to work with such a solid, respectable young talent. Off the e-Pitch, you are just as respectful and respectable as you are talented, and you have a very bright future ahead of you. We wish you the absolute best in the future.

To Turbopolsa - You broke our curse. Nothing more can be said about it. We still owe you a slightly larger jersey as per our arrangement, but I hope you keep that jersey of yours somewhere special; it must be magic ;) --- You played a very difficult role as a sub this season, but you made the best of it and coming off the bench you helped this team achieve what was thought to be the unachieveable, being a monsterous player who helped take the team through the gauntlet. Flipping the bracket was the easy part for you guys, but even through the stress of the Grand Finals you kept it together and remained an instrumental part of our team. Whatever organization you end up playing with is going to be lucky to have such a talented player. Thank you for everything Turbo, and best of luck to you in the future.

We wish these guys the absolute best, and we know that they are going to love their new home and be even more succesful than before. Best of luck guys!



Northern Gaming

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