Northern Gaming's Return to Overwatch

Tue 25th Apr 2017 - 11:36pm : Gaming
When Northern Gaming first started, we announced our first two teams as Northern Gaming Blue and Northern Gaming Red, a group of EU and NA players respectively who would don the name and logo of our brand new organization founded in May of 2016, and compete in the brand new Blizzard FPS Overwatch. Both rosters were impactful, finding themselves in the top 5 of their respective regions, but by late August of 2016, we decided to part ways with both groups of players. Since then, Northern Gaming has not been in the Overwatch scene. Despite keeping a close eye on it, and looking for the right opportunities, we were unable to ever find an opportunity that fit with our ideology and our goals moving forward. That, was until today. Since Blizzcon, we have been actively scouting every level of Overwatch in every region; looking for the chance to sign big named players with similar styles and attitudes towards the game. With the Overwatch League seemingly around the corner and the Toronto slot being relatively uncontested, our focus has been on aligning ourselves with the right individuals and look to raise the appropriate capital to afford buyouts and transfer fees as well as be able to provide full housing and competitive salaries to both players and support staff.
As we at Northern Gaming continue to build a 'perfect' roster, we search for the right partners to make the Overwatch League financially possible, both from a buy-in perspective and a transfer cost for specific player perspective. Very little can be said about the roster we hope to build, but rest assured it will not only be a top tier roster but it will be packed with players who are all stars in their own right; and individuals who represent the ideologies that we have practiced at Northern Gaming since Day 1.
And though many people are likely hoping for us to announce our roster plans; it's not that simple. This update is merely to inform fans and the Overwatch community that they can expect us to return very soon. As we continue to speak with investment groups and sports franchises over the next few weeks, you will see us adding more and more players to our Overwatch team. Our plan is to build an 8-Man roster so that when the OWL rolls around we have a tightnit group of individuals who all want to work together towards one goal: winning Season 1 of the OWL. Currently, we have 6 solid players interested, and are looking to solidify arrangements for two others. Conspiracy theories are to be expected, but don't expect any leaks until things are official. Hopefully we will be able to announce more soon. But for now, we will continue to work with free agent players, and organizations to try and sort out our plans, as well as find the right financial backing to make the dream of the OWL a reality. Thank you for supporting us through this very long transition back into Overwatch; we love our fans and are excited to give you the best team in the world.


Northern Gaming

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