Welcome Killy KAPOWski! Northern Gaming enters Battle Royale!

Sun 18th Jun 2017 - 9:29am : Gaming

We at Northern Gaming are both excited and proud to announce that we will be actively seeking players to expand into Battle Royale titles, and our first addition to the Northern Gaming family is with Killy!

Killy is an active player in the Battle Royale community, and comes with a great knowledge of both the KOTK and PUBG scenes. We know that Killy will be a valuable asset in helping us build solid rosters in both games, and find top quality Content Creators. Officially, Killy is the head of our Battle Royale Community, and will play an instrumental role in establishing a strong relationship with both the KOTK and PUBG communities. While we continue to look at teams in both games, we will also be looking to pick up more streamers and content creators in both spaces, and hope to bring cutting edge content and elite gameplay to both. 

Killy will now also be streaming under the Northern Gaming banner, and we are excited to have her join our family!

All Battle Royale business inquiries for Northern Gaming, whether it be for playing or creating content, should be directed to 

If you want to check out Killy's content, you can do so at the links below!



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